Nov 19
Exclusive Bayfront Estate

Bayfront Estate Auction

  •   Nov 12 @ 12:00pm CST (Start)
  •   Nov 19 @ 12:00pm CST (End)
Exquisite Jewelry, Valuable Coins, Antique Waterford, High-End Household Furnishings, Exquisite Art and More. The Estate of Barbara Berry. Mrs. Berry's personal property has been relocated to her daughter and son-in-law's bayfront home on Pensacola Bay. Mrs. Berry acquired only the best of everything! Along with Mrs. Berry's estate pieces, a local jewel family has added 150 pieces of beautiful jewelry and rare coins. This auction ends on November 19, so place your winning bids today!

Nov 19
High-End Downsize

Pensacola Country Club High-End Downsize

  •   Nov 12 @ 10:00am CST (Start)
  •   Nov 19 @ 10:00am CST (End)
Exclusive High-End Furnishings, Art, High-Performance Bicycles & Electric Bicycles, Lamps, Accessories - ALL HIGH QUALITY!  The owners purchased the home fully furnished and are parting with some beautifully constructed furniture, mountain and motorized bicycles, lamps and decor. The homeowner owns an exclusive custom boot company and is including several beautiful pairs of western boots crafted from hand selected materials. Log in and bid today. This auction closes Friday, November 19 starting at 10:00 AM.

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