1982 Cobia Triton 228

1982 Cobia Triton 228

Project Boat - Tap into Your Restoration Skills Selling to the High Bidder Regardless of Price
  •   May 22 @ 1:00pm CDT (Start)
  •   May 30 @ 6:00pm CDT (End)
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1982 Cobia Triton 228 with Trailer and Outboard Motor

Online Auction Closes: Thursday, May 30, 6PM

Auction Preview: By appointment only.

Removal: Within one week of auction closing. Coordinate with the auctioneer.

Florida Title in Hand for the Boat

Length: 21'6", Fiberglass Hull

Florida ID#: CBA21020M82D

Vessel Registration #: FL8826EF

Selling as-is where is. The boat is in an estate and we need it gone. The boat has been sitting for years. Attend preview on Thursday, June 30 between 1-3PM to satisfy yourself of the condition. Do not visit the site without permission. 


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